Thief Sandwich by Chaotic Jelly

Well, a little gating fun was in the works again last night.  This time it occured quite unplanned.  We were buying regs to be off and find some new spots (ie, the hedge maze).  We were having difficulty finding what we were looking for when boom, out of nowhere, someone want to buy trammel stones.  Well, CrazyJoe sells them for 500gp in town.  But out of town, they are only 200gp.  So we must gate to his "house" to get them!  Gruahahahah!

This is one of our favorite spots to gate someone too!  hehe, the next picture is a little more detailed.

What a beautiful island resort.  Unfortunately that is it!  This is the thief sandwich!  Me on the left, CrazyJoe on the right.  I asked Pudgey to say cheese and he humbly complied.

Pudgey knew he was beat.  He stripped down so that we could quickly steal everything without wasting anymore time on the island.

The innards of a thief sandwich!

Someone needs to increase those Thieving skills.

Well, Pudgey was such a good sport, that we gave him back everything (except the regs!) and gated him back to Brit.  Hehe, needless to say it was alot of fun!