Running through Hytloth, by Crazy Joe

One night Cat Woman, CleptoJoe and myself decided to see what Hythloth was all about. Here we are - Three Thieves with no really fighting skills in the worst dungeon there is. ChaoticJelly was in Skara Brae wrestling rangers to increase his STR, but was on the party system hearing us at all times. 

I'm the only one who can cast Gate Portal, so basically I can't die. Cat Woman and CleptoJoe are fair game for all the monsters. 

We arrive at the front door and already see this isn't going to be a walk in the park. I'm hidden, Cat Woman (Lola now!) is running up the stairs, and Clepto Joe is standing there just looking silly. We saw some adventures on Horses enter before us, so we know we are not alone.

Just running around...seeing the sights.

We find a nice little room. Cat Woman sees that the adventures are north of us!

I'm a little slow to think where the REAL loot is....

Cat Woman wakes me up and we form our plan. SOMEONE has to open the door...

She volunteers!

A few pics are missing here - I was targeted and had to run and hide. When a Hell Hound targets you, getting pictures is the last thing to think about.

Talk about flushing out some people! How many people do you see to take the time to type DAMM while they are in trouble?

At this time, CleptoJoe went to check the bookcase. Cat Woman was targeted and killed by the hounds. ChaoticJelly was laughing at us uncontrollably. We decided it was time to leave. 

We got the heck out, Cat Woman head for the Healers.