"Crazy Joe meets an AZN" by Crazy Joe

This would not have been possible without the intoxicating influence of the Galads. 
Visit their site if you have no idea what AZN means. 

I'm trying to find ChaoticJelly to trade out some Rune books, and I get distracted in Britian. 
I macro Evaluate Intelligence if the 2nd pic confused you. 
Turns out someone needs a gate!

Even though Alin is a newbie, I can't pass this chance up.

I'm starting to earn a reputation. He has visited the LBSC Guest Cottage. 
(So will Alin soon) 

I don't understand either, but you don't see me complaining. 

He is obviously a little disorientated after crossing several server lines. 

I try out some AZN dialect I learned at Galad's website.

Do you think he is going to open those doors?

You thought right. 

While following him around and hidden,
a gate pops up right next to me. Curiosity
sets in, and I decide to see where it goes.

Well of all the places to go! MOONGLOW! Too bad Alin
missed this gate. Better get back and see how he is doing.

There he is.

Seems the Hell Hound is no threat. 

For a newbie, he did well.
He outran the Drake 2 out of 3 times.

He finds the healer that was inside the Temple.

I had my fun, I'll be a sport and gate him to Molgrow.

There's the guy who opened the gate earlier. Saves me some regs and gates us back.

I was so happy.