Episode 8 by Crazy Joe, "Black Dye Tub Newbie Fun"

Cat Woman and I were running around the bank when some guy asked, 'Why can't I select Black for a Dye Tub'. The fun begins....


If anyone ever sees me mention
blackmoor, that means I'm up to no good.
I run off screen to "buy" Blackmor, and return in no time.

My disguise name is really Wayne, but my trade window says Guy.
I ask him for a tip --I  rationalize with Karen that I am not scamming by getting tipped.
He tips me 100 gold. Why I said sealing when I meant to say Scamming I don't know. 

I take off and get a new disguise right away.
That's Cat Woman (Karen) in red.

I return like I'm Cat's Friend.I find this very funny - I said Wayne WHO?
Like anyone here has a last name.

  I missed a shot of someone saying "Galad did it!"  
Ok. Do you feel sorry for him?He has a horse. He's in a Guild.He has NICE Armor.I don't feel sorry for him.
I Give credit where credit is due. The dye tub trick isn't my idea.

I ask him how much he sold it for - notice I said SOLD, he tipped me! I never sold
The tub!  He has no idea I was Wayne -- I love disguise kits. 

I wanted to say, "Didn't you Tip him?" FYI - Cat/Karen knows this, we are just seeing how mad he can get.

As long as he will quoteFamous Insults, others chime in. I can't belive another guy quickly recited
"Newbie-Shakespear" with me!

We start bidding to buy his dye tub.Can you see it? Someone offered 30k!

He promptly took his leave. We stayed and laughed awhile,
thinking a newbie like that doesn't come around often enough.