"Stepping into Care Bare Land" by Chaotic Jelly

Okay, I have finally decided I have done enough training.  It is time to venture forth and make my mark on the land.  So, who shall I get as my guide?  Why CrazyJoe of course!  So, we let the adventure begin.

Well, we decide we must get some money for regs.  Easiest way?  Why Nobles of course. 

 CrazyJoe really gets his money's worth!

Okay, so now that we have regs, where too?  Why Hyloth, for my first time!  (Pop that cherry!)  Well, it didn't take long (and the damn lag was terrible last night) before I was doing the UO 2-step.


Well, since that was such a success we decide to head further north and play with the drakes.

My first time and my impressions are of a warm and caring place.

These next two shots, cracked us up.

Crazy's Kick Ass Llama

Bah, summon Llamas, not Demons!

Well finally I had to partake of the LBSC tradition.  Minutes later I croaked from poison!  Hehe