Episode 5 by Crazy Joe "CrazyJoe's Initiation Backfired!"

All the initiates will enjoy this episode -- I have some bad luck.

It's Sunday night, and once again I'm ready to mule. As fate would have it, another young thief strolls inside ready to sign up. 

I already checked, we have two guest at the LBSC 
Cottage (two dragons at demon temple). Jake's gonna suck it down. 

Jake didn't say something right, forgot what too 

I can't recall since I attacked Jake, so I have to stall 
for a second...

Some people are jus too disturbing. I'm blue now and ready to go. 

I recall in first to take pictures.
What could I possibly disarm from a Dragon? The teeth?

Order Up!

Jake freaks out and runs back into the gate. Not very good idea if you
want to join S|S! 

He comes back to face the music. 

Mission complete. Now to stealth to the gate. 

I know everyone won't believe me, but I lagged out totally. 
I was unhidden, ran for the gate, and just stopped.
After 15 seconds, I found myself dead. Another 15 seconds and :

My next 10 minutes pretty much went like this.