Episode 4 by Crazy Joe "The 10,000 Gold Initiation Contest"

Someone that didn't show up on Friday night strolls in on Saturday. I was about to go mule for wood, and I got very upset  I was once again interrupted. This guy is gonna die by some nasty dragon for all I care now. 

Our new recruit, LaCroix! Im the one in black
with a spellbook, Zip to my right, and CJ in the robe. 

I think LaCroix is cute...

The plan was to gate him to Fire Isle inside
the Demon Temple. I went 5 minutes ago and 
there was 1 Dragon. I went there before we gated
him to get ready for taking pictures, however
our Dragon wasn't there. 

I always have a Backup Plan. 

Funny thing is, I don't have 10,000. 
Funnier thing is, he doesn't have a chance in hell winning anyway. 
Zip decides to join us. ChaoticJelly (the one in Yellow now) has to
stay behind to gate us in and out. 

Next time, I need to cast In Lor first. 
I told Zip I was going to cast Invisibility on him,
but I don't recall him being initiated yet...Sorry Zip, you just
stepped up to the plate!

LaCroix bit it quick. Zip is waiting for his Invisibility, I
send him a message that I'm sorry, I must have hit the wrong health
bar. He can run, but he wouldn't get far anyways.

Zip puts up an honorable fight.

Zip is gray! See, I told you that you can detect
perma-gray by having the Thief die and looking at the
color of their corpse/ghost!

I was all too happy I didn't die.

Did I get his uniform?!?! Ya right, he had
no idea what was down there. So I ask
LaCroix to list 5 reasons why I didn't unhide
to get his uniform. 

And ChaoticJelly wanted me to Loot!?!?

I don't remember  mongbats.
I guess he needs a second look some other time.