Episode 3 by CrazyJoe "N|S Boot Camp Opens"

June 30th. 

  CrazyJoe buys a guild stone and pops it on his roof to start N|S, the boot camp guild of LBSC, the Atlantic Branch of S|S. For your information, S|S is "The Secret Society" whereas N|S is "Notso Secret Society".  Since we want to weed out any newbie-attitude thieves,  we decide to turn this whole thing into something similar to a collage fraternity. Everyone in N|S wears silly uniforms, has to address S|S as Sir or Mam, take gates when asked to, and has to take pictures of themselves in action. The only serious requirement for S|S is to get 80 stealing, or offer very competitive skills to assist us. (ie: Rowan is a Grandmaster Mage, and almost Scribe, she's more valuable than the other current members!)

  A few days ago, we have a dozen people wanting to join, last night only five showed up. We don't know if we scared a few off or others just didn't make it. Either way, it was enough to show up to declare it a party.  There was some confusion at first to the guild stone - CrazyJoe the Rogue wanted to be the GuildMaster, however CrazyJoe the ThiefMage owned the house. With a little ingenuity, ChaoticJelly got it set up correctly, and we Guilded everyone one by one.

So here they are, the first five members of N|S, people with NO dignity whatsoever!

Too bad we didn't have any female initiates, they had a totally different wardrobe!

Out of all the initiates, I personally call dibs
on Chuck. I'm his (tor)mentor.  Rowan is in Red,
I'm the crossdresser (in case you didn't know, I just got some
black sandles, and ChaoticJelly gave me his bless deed
if I'm his bitch for a week.) and ChaoticJelly is the nudist.

We have to give them guild names. I had a very sinistar
idea, but we will save that for the final initiation. (trust me,
it's VERY Evil). However, their temporary
Guild names are as follows :

Chuck     Bunyon Breath
Bosk     Tuna Butt
Daveose     ButterBuns
Reavus     Biscuit
Zek     PorkChopPullet

I was very hungry at this time - I know they suck. (WTF is a Pork Chop Pullet, I have No idea.

We only guild one a time, then they go outside to wait
till we are done. You may think we did this because
we wanted this to seem really cool or because my
house is small, but your wrong. Orc and Ettins spawn
just on that road.

All 5 are here, someone is getting scared and hides.
Little do they know I already sealed off the second
floor and nobody is escaping. I threw the S|S members
outside to get ready. The initial plan was I was going to cast
Evergy Vortex and log out, then relog in with a different
Character -- but FYI -EV doesn't cast  houses.
ChaoticJelly logs out this character and comes back with his
main Thief.

Since Energy Vortex didn't work, I get Rowan topside to help me out.

This is the easiest way to detect Perma Gray, kill them
and see what color their name is as a Ghost.

I honestly wonder if anyone walking
by on the road sees this and thinks
I hate Mary Kay. (I do by the way)

ChaoticJelly shows up with his main Thief.
We all discuss what we have learned today. 1.) there's 5 people with
no dignity in my house. 2.) I'm a crossdresser that doesn't know
enough about Magery 3.) Rowan is happy she is a GM Mage that
doesn't have to go through this initiation. 4.) Ramblin Old Man and
Saint Dogbert are happy they gave us money to
place a house and are instant members. (Thieves can be

Half the ghost run off, not remembering that I mentioned
Rowan is a mage that can Ress everyone.

I of course have to see what kind of loot everyone has.
Notice how hungry I was - this is why I fail on 7th level magic often.
Also notice the stray horse down there, that's Bob - Zek's Horse. He just went wild and Zek didn't notice.  

Chaotic explains one more rule, they aren't allowed on the roof, and
That's why they were killed. I guess we should have told them sooner.
I get off my horse and ban him, then tell him to attack Zek's Horse.
I wanted to get rid of my horse since you can't stealth with one.

I blame Zek's Horse for his own death.
Zek didn't know my plan, and freaked out.
I promptly gave him my horse, and told him
the joys of feeding your own horse. (He needs more
carrots now though)

Now that was over with, we let them loose to
gain in stealing and hopefully get out of those
god-awful pink clothes as soon as possible