Episode 2:  "Miscellaneous Pictures I" by Crazy Joe

I called a counselor one night to report a Moongate bug. While waiting, I got my boat out of the bank and decided to place it in the castle moat. I discovered that the area under the drawbridge is located outside of a guard zone! The smurf showed up a little confused, but liked the parking job. Note to everyone else: anyone could walk off the drawbridge onto the boat - this is not a good place to park! 



With the latest patch, the Thief Guildmaster is randomly spawned in different parts of the city. Gone are the days of them being fixated in certain parts of the town and now we actually have to look for them.

Trammel has it's advantages. No healers in third level of Deceit is the first good point.
Galad showed up a few seconds later, and camped the corpse with me. I was overburdened with loot and he tried to gate me to the Exploding Mushrooms to loot me as well. BAD MANNER GALAD.

What's going on you ask? These monsters are stuck on the server line west of the Britian Moongates. You can walk up to every healer/orc/lizardman/harpy and rob them without worrying of being attacked. Truly a glorious place for the young & poor thief.

I'm the only thief who knows how to rob the Nobles head to toe.

Some Tamer let his Dragon go wild in Vesper, so it's another fun game of "Kiss the Dragon and Run!" I just looted the bones next to Puck and I'm grey -- I think that Corp Por was for me! (Note : Town Guards did NOT attack monsters at this time, so we all had to deal with him on our own.)

What is a wandering healer doing with Plate mail and a magic executioners axe?
And who is that Seeker of Adventurer following me?

What did I do?

That healer is asking me, "Were you just here 5 minutes ago?"