Episode 1 by ChaoticJelly, "Other side of the Fence"

Okay, this is not a picture story, nor really a story at all.  Just more of an editorial or comment on life as others know it on UO.

So, here I am as one of my other characters (aw come on, I cant be chaotic all the time) trying to transfer some money between chars.  I have my healer (Aesclepius if you are interested) and am walking on the East side of Britain.  Monster spawn must have just occurred and there is a couple of gazers floating about near archery buttes.  Just my luck, I happen to be a bard as well!  So I start to provoke.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Taking lots of damage because I don't wear armor (I want to heal!)

When suddenly out of nowhere, Mr. Newbie thief comes running up and starts snooping me.  Well, first off, I didn't know he was a newbie and secondly, DAMN WE ARE IRRITATING.  I had to keep running and hiding afraid he would get some of my 2500gp.  Then, OSI manages to give me the famous "CONNECTION LOST".  How does this happen so often on a cable modem?  GRRRR.

Anyway, I come back on eventually and am STILL ALIVE. Woohoo.  The thief happens to be in discussion with another thief on horseback and I over hear the fact that he is a newbie.  So, I being a friendly sort, start preaching on how to improve.  Hehe, to my utter embarrassment, they both know CJ and CJ!  Hehe, read from us on the boards!

Later that evening I am on as my mage/scribe (Na'Pom) and plan on doing some training.  Thus, I am carrying quite a few regs (at least 100 of each)  When boom, out of nowhere, I am being harassed by another thief.  Well I quickly recall away.

So all this leads me to wonder, are we all this cocky and annoying?  Were we always this way?  Is this because we can now run from guards and think we are indestructible?  Damn, if I wasn't one of us, I would really hate us!