Lord Blackthorns Revenge, Installation Screens!

  This is one LARGE episode, because these are images from the Lord Blackthron's Revenge Installation Program. What can possibly be so funny about installation you ask? Well....read on. All the screens really could have used some subtitles or a little something extra to give Ultima Online Justice it so much deserves.

"Rid the World of Monsters!" required a subtitle : * Note monsters respawn within 10 seconds of being slain, and
players really can't rid the world of monsters.

* Note no new monsters are currently available. Including the blue dude with a Penis Sheath.

* Note : Beware of scams involving Long-time Players.

Not only that, since when did folks hang out in Taverns for gossip? Everyone knows the Bank is L33T!

Ok, the only reason I found this funny is the guy in the top left. That guy looks like a Real Life  Hippie Yblarbo Janks.

See anything missing?

15 "Corp Por"s from all corners of the screen upon joining a Faction.

Ah, there's the Corp Por! However take a long look at this "Defend Your Faction" screenshot.

They are defending a Large Tower, not a stronghold.


And now, the Winner of them all....

And you wonder why you're always stuck in queue for so long.
And how the hell does that guy look stuck to you?
AND since when did a GM ever say, "Let me Help you Out" ?
And why does the guy on the top right look like he's looking at Porn?
Where are his hands?

That's it.